Downtown Indianapolis

Indianapolis the capital city of Indiana State in Marion County. The city is known as the crossroads of America with six interstate highways crossing through town. Indianapolis International Airport has been named the best airport in N.America for the sixth time in a row. Its nickname is "Naptown" thought to be as a result of its sleepy reputation.

City Centre Mall

The circle centre mall is located in the middle of Downtown Indianapolis. It was opened to the public in 1995. 

The mall has a wide variety of stores and restaurants to chose from. 

The Perfect Surrounding

Downtown Indiana street as expected has beautiful buildings.

Salesforce towers

One of the tallest buildings in downtown Indy.

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

The Sailors and Sailors Monument is an iconic symbol in Downtown Indianapolis. It was completed in 1902  and commemorates the lives lost in the Civil War.

The monument has an observation deck that can be reached by climbing 331 steps. Luckily there is an elevator that gets you up 300 steps leaving only 31 steps to climb to the top. The view of top as expected is beautiful.

The streets.

View of Soldiers and Sailors monument from a distance.

Museum of Art

Take a visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


There are a lot of restaurants to eat at. My favorite was Giorgio’s Pizza. An Italian restaurant located downtown with the best pizza and subs. 

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