Grocery shopping tips!

With the already busy life between school, work, appointments,maintaining a balanced social life and so much more, grocery shopping can be tedious  and time consuming if not properly planned for. I personally have a one-day of the week that is my “shopping day”  and  I try to follow through with the plan  as much as I can unless I really need to go to the store or incase of an emergency.

Some of my greatest tips are listed below:

Buy in Bulk:

  • Buying in bulk reduces the number of times needed to go to the store, saves time and gas. This eventually saves money in the long run.
  • Buying wholesale also is also cheaper than buying the same produce in smaller quantities.

Buy seasonal  fruits and vegetables.

Buy at the farmers market:  Produce from the local farmers market are always fresh and cheaper. Another advantage of  shopping local is that it’s a way to support local businesses.

Eat before you go shopping!

Nothing like shopping on an empty stomach. It does not only make the shopping experience irritable due to lack of energy but you also end up buying un-necessary (mostly unhealthy ) snacks to eat on the spot.

Have a shopping list and stick to it!


Write down what you need from home and stick to the items on the list. This makes it quicker to get what you need and saves you from buying things you did not plan for.

Take advantage of sales!

Stock up on the things that you need that are on sale. You can freeze them and save on some money.

Meal plan ahead so you know what you need.


Shopping time: Schedule a day of the week for grocery shopping . Avoid the rush hour try and  to shop early in the morning or later in the evening if you can.

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•Have a good playlist:  If you are a music lover like me,  you will find that this will make the shopping experience more enjoyable.


If you have more tips that would make my grocery shopping experience even better, please let me know.

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