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Moving to a different city, town or country by yourself can be scary, thrilling, exciting, sad and most definitely not comfortable for many.  But as Heraclitus said, ” Change is the only constant in life”. A big change of ones routine is necessary for growth and experience life.

My move was major. I moved from an African country to the states. Some people call it a brave mo move. Now prior to my move, I had heard stories and watched movies about life abroad. (Coming to America, anybody?). So  I was pretty excited about starting my new life in the developed country. When I got here, alas! to my shock things were not as they appeared on t.v or the stories I had heard. Far from it. The 24 hour shift was my main aha!  I had to quickly and I mean quickly ; chap chap change my ways of thinking  and doing things to accommodate my new life comfortably.

What I do to live comfortably

1.Means of transport:

Between school, work, appointments and everyday living I realized I had to get a car.  Public transport works  efficiently but on a schedule and up-to a certain time of the night depending  on where you live. This didn’t work too well for me  especially between school and work. I therefore bought a SECOND HAND, well maintained  car on cash. This was a really smart move in that I don’t have to worry about paying monthly credit payments. I am able to comfortably move from one place to another without wasting too much time and even late at night.

2. Buget

I have a budget for my weekly and monthly expenses. This makes it easier for me to comfortably allocate my money  accordingly.

3. Cooking at home.

This has saved me ALOT of money. Eating out can be expensive despite the fact that some people consider it faster and convenient.

4. I make my own coffee:  

Spending about $4 a day on coffee  per week adds up to $28 – this in a month is $112. I can comfortably make my own coffee at home and save the money for something else.

5. Buying in bulk;

I have a post about the advantages and reasons to buy in bulk.

6. Cash back apps.

Its amazing how we have so many apps that pay you back  just for shopping. I use Ibotta here is my referral link . The app is free and enables you to earn cash back on in-store and mobile purchases with receipt and/or verification.

My other favorite app is ebates here is my referral link Ebates is also free to join and gives you a $10 bonus when you sign up.

Get cash back for shopping? I say yes to that.

7. DIY

I have learnt a lot on how to do it yourself.  From skin care and  hair products, home cleaning solutions, decorating, repairing, cooking and so on. This without a doubt I have found to not only save me money but also increase my creativity.

8. Selling Stuff I no longer use/need.

If you look around you will see a few things you don’t necessarily use around your house but are still in good condition. A Pair of shoes, clothes, extra chair, a rug, an old t.v, video game, old phone, coffee maker, microwave, baby car seat… anything goes. Thanks to technology we have so many apps that bring buyers and sellers together. For example Offer UP, Poshmark, ebay, Letgo etc. This is another way to make some extra cash and also live on what you need. Mindful living?

9. Making use of the Library:

Being a student requires one to have text books for studying. Buying books can be expensive. Instead I use both the school and local library to borrow books that I need.

10. Cut down on Cable 

Trust me you can live without cable. Again make use of the local library to borrow entertainment movies, documentaries and series. If you are still figuring it out and trying to live comfortably you don’t need to have monthly subscriptions for entertainment.

PS: Living comfortably does not mean you are poor or lacking. I have fun and lots of it for that matter, I am happy and most importantly I know how to spend my money on things that matter to me like traveling and experiences while still living comfortably without struggling to make ends meet or even worse  “living big” for appearance.


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