Niagara Falls

I was visiting family on the East coast and as part of the tourist activities to do was  a road trip from Massachusetts to New York to visit the Niagara Falls in New york.

We stopped at various locations to stretch, food  and pictures.

Florida village, NY


Hamlin Beach State Park 



We arrived at the Niagara City late at night. Ate and had a much needed rest ready to tour the Niagara Falls the following day.

The following day after breakfast we headed straight to the Niagara Falls.

There was parking within the area for about $10. We headed straight to the visitor centre located a few minutes from the Niagara Falls to get all the information we needed to have.

Maid of the Mist!

Maid of the Mist is a must boat ride at the Niagara falls. It gets you closer to the falls and wet too! The crashing waves, thundering roar  and spray from the Falls is one of the best experiences here!

The boat ride cost

  • $19.25 for adults;
  • $11.20 for younger kids
  • free for children under 5 years.

boat ride

The Rainbow bridge

The rainbow bridge (the rainbow is visible when the sun is out. Our trip was rather on a cloudy day so we didn’t see the rainbow but I think the picture is pretty cool)  connects the cities of Niagara Falls New York and Ontario Canada.

Pretty cool!


Views from the tower

The views  from the top are spectacular!

The U.S.A side boat riders

The blue raincoats are us. The people on the American side of the boarder

The Canadian side boat riders

The pink raincoats  are Canadians just a few meters from us.

After the boat ride and observing from the tower, we went to the food court which had a variety of food to choose from. In the same building they have stores that sell souvenirs at affordable prices.

The long drive to the Niagara Falls was so worth it.

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