Productive Mornings |5 Easy things to do for a more productive morning

My mother would tell me if you want to have a productive  morning  you better plan ahead. I remember when growing up my mother would ALWAYS insist that we clean the stainless steel milk pail after every cow milking session in the morning and evening. The morning routine was much easier  since it went along with doing the days cleaning chores anyways. What made us mutter under the breath was the evening clean up. Boy did we do it half-heartedly but due to continued repetition, this habit became part of our evening routine that we ended up doing without too much of a thought.  

My mother also insisted on cleaning the evening dishes and leaving a clean kitchen space.  As I grew older and moved out I learnt quick how important it is to clean things up immediately to enhance my productivity in the morning. 

Below is a list of my top 5 to do things  for a productive morning most of them from my mother. (Mothers are always right; most of the times )

Do not leave dirty dishes in sink

Clean your kitchen space and dishes the night before.  A clean kitchen with clean utensils means you are halfway through making breakfast. 

Fresh coffee

If you are a coffee person its important to learn how to make a good cup of coffee at home. With the right coffee maker it not only saves you time but saves you money in the long run. My favorite coffee maker from amazon

Make your bed

Making your bed is a great way to feel more accomplished in the morning and also make your room look cleaner too!

Pick up any dirty laundry (and toys)

Just before going to bed, pick up anything laying on the floor.

Have a dirty laundry and toys basket ( if you have kids) to put away anything on the floor . This is also a great way to organize your space. With nothing on the floor that you are kicking, tripping on and trying to get out of your way, getting to the bathroom from the bed is easier and quicker.

Pick up your outfit the night before

Picking your outfit be it for going to work, or a workout the night before saves you time in the morning. Also have a backup plan  or a jacket/coat that goes with the outfit incase of a weather change.

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