Road trip Essentials

On the road

Good weather calls for  road-trips, hiking, going to the beach…basically anything outdoors. I enjoy visiting new places and the thrill of discovering more beauty along the way.

I live in the pacific west and the beauty surrounding us is breathtaking from mountains, to beaches and lakes, rain-forests, parks, farms and so much more! There is always an adventure awaiting.

I love road trips and luckily for me, I have a partner who loves being outdoors just as much and is an excellent driver too! So I am always a certified passenger with him. Unfortunately he is not as good when it comes to eating and he can literally drive for miles  without having to eat. On the other hand I seem to want to eat every hour and so I’ve learnt the hard way how to essentially prepare for road trips for the ultimate enjoyable times.

Road trip essentials


Eating before leaving the house is essential not only for the energy but also to improve concentration  on the road. To be hungry is to be irritable, restless and tired. All the things we don’t want to bring on the trip. So eat up and be happy.

Load Up!

I have become a pro at packing snacks for our roadtrips. This gives me the pleasure to eat at my convenience and enjoy my favorite snacks and drinks .

Road Tripping Music

Nothing like the perfect playlist to help you let your hair down, roll the windows down, turn the volume up & sing your heart out. 

Gas Up!

This is pretty obvious. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of gas and most importantly how far along the way the next gas station is at.  Once on a road trip to Las Vegas from Seattle we had to drive the opposite direction for more than 50 miles to get gas. This could have been avoided if we had fueled up at the first gas station that we came across first  without assuming we’d find more along our way. And it was at night. Not fun! Now we know better.


The little major things

A Jacket and Blanket: Incase the weather changes or you get stuck and need to stay warm before help arrives. Also the blanket can be used as a spread to sit on should you need to rest outside the car.

A Flashlight:  For emergency night lighting 

Phone and camera chargers : We don’t want to run out of battery power especially if you need to keep in touch with your family back at home or if you are traveling as a group. Staying in touch is very important. Also if you taking pictures you need to be charged.


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